To Do List

All sorts of things on my mind. I will add them here so I can forget about them. What normally happens is that they then proceed to get done. It helps me focus, instead of having an awful feeling that I ought to be doing something else, which makes it harder to do what is in front of me.

I’ll add things, or strikeout what I have completed, or discarded. Then clean up with the delete button!

The list seems to be simplifying itself…


Simplify. Start out with six designs already done.  Twelve could come later. Get quotes for printing directly on to canvas with a photographic background. Create border designs which match the ‘painting.’ Put into a boxed set. One set with Tui, one with Tuatara. Exhibit the whole lot locally.

  • Get quotes for the printing.
  • CreateSpace, SnapFish, Chch, Tga, Digital Print, Lightning Source.

Crush It With Kindle

  • Learn how to write a press release
  • Print off a checklist of every place to send the press releases.
  • Watch John Tighe’s video #4 (half done)
  • Create a timeline and mark the sequence of events for the book launch
  • Write something to go in the book
  • Publish the book
  • Check LightningSource pricing for book delivery from Aus to NZ

Colouring books

  • Create a business card for the colouring book. Take to galleries.
  • Stage One – free colouring pics, Stage Two – transition to paintings, Stage Three…… a saleable product, or some sort of stable employment.

Poetry/Video/Sound – Movies?? Hangouts?


  • 7 posts – start to publish.
  • Keep on writing.

Other people

  • Comment replies
  • Read blogs
  • FlockDraw on Sundays… possibly regular? Or randomly regular-ish.

Family, Home and Garden

  • Re-organize for new stage of life.
  • Keep up with daily and weekly meetings.
  • Weed the front garden which looks more like meadow grass! Hmm… maybe plant wildflowers!!

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