Great therapy for stress and anxiety.

365+ Coloring Pictures red lettering

Creativity is good for mental health.

Colouring helped in my healing from post-traumatic stress, and this collection of more than 365 colouring pictures is my way of sharing this peaceful, calm form of art therapy with others who may be suffering from any type of mental distress. Surprisingly helpful with depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, physical rehabilitation, brain injury, trauma, physical and intellectual disabilities. 

Colouring book for adults, teenagers and children.

Suitable for the whole family, this colouring book is squeezed into a zipfile ready to download to your computer at home, where you can print out any time, as many times as you like. Copy the zipfile on to a flashdrive to take on holiday for the kids, or wrap it up to give as a gift to a loved one. Colour with friends at your lunch break at school or work. Busy parents, colouring can bring a sense of peace in the middle of a busy day.

Geometric, Mandala, Circles, Blank Frames, Realistic and Abstract Art, and more…

Loads of variety in this giant collection of colouring pages. I encourage all to try something different, colour inside the lines, or outside the lines. Use the blank frames over and over again, to create your own expression with colours, lines, shapes, and scribbles. Discover the joy of adding a bit of colour to life.

You could go in the draw for $5000 worth of prizes!

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Happy colouring!


“A colouring book in every home.”

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