Southern Pot Roast and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans with Brown Sugar

I am attempting Opinionated Man’s family recipe today, which is in a reblog over at Wildersoul Create~Express.

Here’s the link for foodies…

12 thoughts on “Southern Pot Roast and Bacon Wrapped Green Beans with Brown Sugar

  1. I have got to visit the X Files and see the spaghetti spears!! So much fun improvising! It was yummy with leek and mushrooms sprinkled around the beans too…
    Mmm… now I’m hungry…


  2. LMAO… I didn’t have toothpicks and I had to use Spaghetti instead.. OH MY GOD was it an adventure!! lol… I did blog it. it falls under the X Files tab on my page.. lol


  3. *huggles back!* Mighty nice to see you here, gal!
    I loooooove the famous bacon-wrapped green beans. We all gobble them up here, who would’ve guessed we could gobble green beans! I am addicted! Did you have fun wrapping them? Those fiddly toothpicks are not my usual style…


  4. It turned out absolutely delicious. The meat fell apart, the bacon wraps stuck together, the beans were divine – I cooked a whole bag of them according to your recipe, and we ate the whole lot, there were no complaints. I cooked some carrots julienne in the leftover bean juice and they went down well too. We had no rice and it didn’t matter. And we have some meat left over to enjoy tomorrow.
    * Thank You OM *
    It’s the best meal I’ve had the pleasure to make for a long time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Quite a treat eating the wraps off the toothpicks. And watching the bacon sizzling, crackling and popping in the nice warm oven… and scraping the caramel off the pan at the very very end of most memorable meal…. thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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