Poem Art

Some wonderful poets created poems to go with Wildersoul artwork.  Enjoy!

Kira’s beautiful poem at the PoemTherapy Project, with the Nurture artwork.

Kira’s tanka poem “Angles and Corners” with the Knotted Six artwork.  Love art therapy!

Jim’s intriguing poem at the RunningFather Blog with the Knotted Circles Four artwork, and a couple of amazing snakes…

Sydelle’s “Funny Poem – My bald dad” at newbloggycat, and her lovely colouring artwork below, done with my Flowers for a Friend.  Thank you Sydelle, you made my day – I am still smiling!  I will sneak in here to look at these cheerful bright flowers anytime I need to cheer up!  Thank you!


The lovely Kira has touched my heart with her combination of colouring and her beautiful poems about friendship and life, and is looking at making a regular thing of it – with weekly Art Therapy, and a Page to link the pictures and poems to!  Please visit and join in, as Kira runs such a lovely blog, and infuses a sense of community into her blog.  Or just enjoy the wonderful poetry along with Poem and Art Therapy!

Wrestling Life – Kira’s blog “A poem a day keeps my addictions away…”

Art Therapy Thursday by Kira, May 30, 2013. A wonderful union of her Tanka poem Hope’s Bouquet, perfumed with Flowers for a Friend artwork.

Art Therapy Thursday by Kira, June 6, 2013. A wonderful combination of Kira’s Dodoitsu poem Circles, with Wildersoul Knotted Circles Four

Kira’s brand new page especially for Art Therapy!  This is especially heartwarming to me, as colouring was very helpful in my healing from post-traumatic stress.

I stumbled across this Poem Therapy article – interesting! http://artsforallinc.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/poetry-express-yourself/

Feel free to add your poems to the list 🙂


21 thoughts on “Poem Art

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  2. I recently found my voice, and I’m working on finding out what to say with it! 😉 BTW I tried very hard not to press the invisible button on your site! hee hee



  3. Strange – for some reason the search didn’t work. I saw my pic pop up in your sidebar on the right and clicked on it and it went to the post, so it was easy to find. 🙂


  4. I used your flower drawing with another poem in my Art Therapy Thursday theme last week. And today I’m posting another one of your drawings (the circles one) with another poem. You are helping me be creative yeah!! Thank you so very much for sharing your drawings with all us!


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  6. This is great! Thank you for making this page. I hope more people catch on to doing this…it is very cathartic! You have such wonderful drawings that inspire me!


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