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Wildersoul Colouring Book (you are here)

Free online colouring book. Encouraging creativity.

Slowly building up to having a proper shop online… check out My Shop (under review)

This is my testing field for a blog to earn my living from. There are quite a few downloadable colouring pictures for sale on it, via Sellbox which uses PayPal’s secure payment services, and DropBox’s storage space. At present I am wondering when the domain name needs renewing, and reckon I might add it to this blog and upgrade to a WP Premium account.

Advice and feedback are welcome and encouraged! 🙂

Wildersoul Rainbows

My colourful blog with photography, paintings, sculptural artforms, and some videos…

Wildersoul Create~Express

My writing blog, with poetry, children’s stories, audio, video, animation and general stuff.  Also some colouring pics that I have actually coloured in!!!!!!! Enjoy.


Pull up a big armchair and talk your heart out…

Religion (or not), Spirituality, Bible, God, Philosophy, and all those armchair topics that get other sites too hot and steamed up, and sometimes completely up in flames…

(Enter at own risk!)

This started out with some very interesting interviews, on topics such as Creativistic Philosophy, Transpersonal Spirituality, and the change from the life of a Cocaine Dealer to the life of a Gentleman.

There’s some poetry, and a bit of a chat about Love.

Currently posting a bit of the book of Revelation now and then. There is an interesting conversation started about whether the Bible is true.

Feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to meet me there!


24 thoughts on “My Blogs

  1. Hi Suz! Thank you for the compliments. I often wonder how my comments are received on OM’s blog. It pulls opinions from me on topics I find hard to approach in my everyday world. Welcome aboard 🙂
    (PS. What gorgeous lighthouses over at your blog! I love lighthouses and all they stand for. The story of Grace Darling is one my favourites.)


  2. I like your ideas, and thank you for sharing! The geometric mandalas are the most popular on my site, and I only noticed that properly quite recently. So I have decided to make plenty of them, and have even set up to print them from home. I am wondering if it may end up cheaper posting them to people from home! It would be fun to send gifts to people anyway… I wish you all the best with the recovery of your right hand! Drawing these colouring pictures is very good physical therapy for my own right hand!

    By the way, we have a new blog ready to open at 5pm (EDT) on Thursday 25 July. You are invited and most welcome to come join us in the celebrations! We’ll be at from 5pm, till the last dance at 11pm. Party time! 🙂


  3. Your geometric designs with mandals are just what the doctor ordered. I also love the color days you mentioned – very creative. I can hardly wait to pass your site information on to some homeschooling professionals I know. I looked everywhere within your blog to leave a comment for you – didn’t find a place so came back to your page here. Once everyone hears of your site, you’re definitely going to take off. What if you put a price on certain premium designs. For example: right now you have all of the days of the week listed as free. My suggestion would be to continue to have maybe 5 or 6 days free and then make us pay for the 7th day. Just a thought on my side of the table. I’ll be starting physical therapy in about 6 weeks to rebuild my right hand and my guess is coloring will be one of the activities I get to do again. They’d better allow it – I’m going through withdrawals. I’ve already ordered my pencils!


  4. It’s wonderful to hear your story, sheridegrom. I hope many will also share in this soothing ‘green prescription.’ You are welcome of course to any of my coloring pictures, and especially the abstract ones!


  5. After a heart attack in 2004, my cardiologist told me I had to learn to do 3 things before I could go home. I had to learn how to play dominos, any one card game and learn how to color. I’m still addicted to coloring and have moved on to professional pencils, etc. Coloring is such a soothing way to calm the soul and de-stress after a long and harrowing day. I particularly love abstract designs.


  6. I do very small pieces of crochet, and don’t know if I will ever make an entire blanket! Maybe a mouse blanket… ! 😉 We used to have pet mice, and rats.
    The daily drawing is making my hands stronger…. it is the typing that risks giving me tendonitis. 🙂


  7. Thank you for the links WI, and Yes that’s so true! It is not about ‘making art’ like a professional, it is all about expression. I find even choosing the colours is therapeutic. Sometimes in life there can be situations where there are no good choices, and the simple act of choosing can feel very good. Strengthening. 🙂 Scribbling is great too. 😉


  8. Here is a site that may have resources and nudge me later this week to remind me to give you some resources…at work I may have more to share.
    I believe you are in New Zealand…I am only familiar with a helpline in Australia, you may find lots of great resources there and I am sure they have resources on their website. Good luck. It is great what you are doing. I only suggest colouring because I personlly feel it works and you don’t even have to be an artist:) WI


  9. That is wonderful. I am very pleased my artwork will be used in the way you describe. If it helps keep anyone, youth or adult, from self-harm or suicide, then that is just wonderful. It’s on my mind at present, and I wish so much for a reprieve from pain and distress for those who are suffering. I am amazed to find out your line of work. I am so glad that colouring can be a soothing coping strategy. I was looking up sites on suicide prevention last night!


  10. The amazing blogs I stumble on through aOpinionatedMan:) I’m a crisis youth counsellor and often suggest coping strategies especially for anxious teens and those who self-injure. So many don’t have colouring books anymore (I encourage them to colour…it’s soothing, just puts that part of your brain to work and life seems to stop) I will certainly recommend your link to teens the next time they tell me “but I can’t, Miss, I don’t have any colouring books.” They do now. Whispering Insights


  11. ~WilderSoul~ Just reading about your passion and mission has caused me to make a list of ways I can encourage my readers more and help in their healing! I love what you’ve been inspired to do. You’re a person I’d like to chat with over a cup of coffee…thank you! ~ Heidi


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