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15 thoughts on “Creative Commons License – Copyright

  1. We are heading into Summer and it is getting really hot and humid in the middle of the day. I went for a walk in the cool of early evening, and it felt like good therapy taking photos of the greenery, and listening to birdsong and trickling water feeding the tiny ferns on the bank. Wonderful that you are able to travel the world! 🙂

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  2. The pleasure is mine. Photography is my therapy. I enjoy taking pictures all over the world, at least, where I can go. Yes, it is winter and it raining. That picture was taking in Brossard, Canada.


  3. Glad to bring a bit of good cheer to a soul across the world! You have reminded me how wonderful it is to be able to see the natural world all around us. I like your photography – is it Wintertime where you live?


  4. Hi WildererSoul,

    Send me your address and I will be happy to mail you a copy of our coloring book. I originally took photographs and notes while witnessing the transformation of a monarch’s first three hours of life, after monitoring the different states of the butterfly’s life cycle in my garden over several weeks. This is going to be a wonderful collaboration. So pleasured we are working together on this collaboration.


  5. What wonderful work you are doing! I am very much looking forward to the butterfly and host plants to draw!
    Glad to be a little part of it. And I’m looking forward to colouring some butterflies too! Thank you for the opportunity. Must be a wonderful feeling seeing the Great Swallowtail up close and personal! 🙂


  6. I am in central Massachusetts, USA. It is a forested state within a protected watershed area. The monarch butterfly is international butterfly that I teach about. Today I put ID Stakes near milkweed, the host plant.

    Because of Climate Change, Great Swallowtail is now starting to migrate north to Massachusetts. Someone said they saw it last year, I could hardly believe it, but recently science has proved that indeed the southern bell of large butterflies is migrating north. There are many species of butterflies here. I am writing my third book, Field Guide to Butterfly Gardens, it is based on butterflies that frequent prairie (Wisconsin). I recently moved from there where I spearheaded a Monarch Butterfly Habitat as part of a Remnant Tallgrass Prairie Restoration. I will send you at least six butterfly species in central Massachusetts and their host plants ASAP. Something to play around with. We are co-creating together as life unfolds to make a better world for future generations of all species.


  7. Dear Insectamonarca (What a wonderful name!),

    Thank you for your very kind offer. Your books are beautiful, and very kid-focused. Let me try my hand at drawing butterflies. Where are you – so I know which plants or pollinators are ‘native’ to your area?

    I am chuffed, and humbled, that you’d like to buy my first book!

    Very happy to be connected with your worthwhile work.



  8. Dear WilderSoul,

    I will be delighted to buy your new book. Congratulations! If you can possibly draw some complimentary coloring pages for kid creating butterflies, other pollinators and native plants that are host plants for butterflies, I would be happy to put FREE pages on our Website that teachers, parents and kids can download or print for environmental education, I would be honored to post on our Website with copyright credit to you and a link to your Amazon book site. It is thrilling isn’t it. My work has taken off too with two books published. Here is a link to my books on Amazon at happy we are connected and doing good work for the Earth to promote conservation, and love. ,


  9. Hello Mary, Wonderful blog you have there, and I love your “title” of Butterfly Woman! I have published my 6×9″ paperback of the Wildersoul Colouring Book, 24 pages, which will come out on Amazon probably over this weekend. It is also at the CreateSpace eStore at if you’d like a peek at the cover. I will change the description to say a bit more about which pictures are inside.
    I am in New Zealand. Thank you for the link on your blog! It looks beautiful! I am most honoured.
    I have always wanted to put together something to do with art, and education, and children. Perhaps I could design some colouring pages specifically for your pollinators and native plants? Please feel free to print off any pages that apply. I might need to do some specifically. I love butterflies, and we have milkweed spreading through our garden!
    Thanks for your strong supportive comment, and for liking my work!


  10. Fabulous simple illustrations that kids would love. I am teaching environmental education at Gateway Park, Fitchburg, MA, at a Natural Pollinator Habitat. Would love to print off some pages of coloring pages that might apply to our work re: pollinators, native plants.

    Will add your link to on Links page. I like what you are doing. I give my work away too, but I am a published author that at least earns some royalties. Do get a book published and sell on Amazon. Where are you?


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