Three Bottles

Bottled paradise. Sitting on the beach. Message in a bottle, or three. Palm fronds waving in the sunrise. Uncapped. Huddled. Waiting. SOS. Dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot, Save Our Souls. Labelled with names I do not know. Pour out the new wine and drink deep. Who knows where we might go?

Cut Flowers

  Cut Flowers. Sparkling Radiance Reaching Out Faces Upturned. Coming out of the Shadows. Prolonging Life. Sharing Essence Sweet Perfume Fragrance. Bringing Freedom Within Reminder of Blossoming Blooming Transition of Youth. Promise of Seed to Come. Joyous Expectancy. Extended Stay. Those Sweet Words I Love You Whispered Silently. Cut Flowers. Do not wilt away. Wildersoul

A Creative Frame of Mind

Dream, Think, Create, Ideas, Knowledge, Intuition, Mind, Thought, Rest, Meditate, Inspire, Inspiration, Creative, Creativity, Meditation, Mindfulness, Zoning Out, In the Zone, Contemplation, Oneness, Being, Connected, Flow, In the Flow, Stream of Consciousness, Waking Dreams, Creative Flow, Creative Juices, Subconscious, Theta, Gamma, Delta, Brainwaves, Existence, I am, Me, Becoming, Transcending, Loving, Loving, Loving, Love, Kindness, Compassion, … More A Creative Frame of Mind

Heart Love

Love Love Love… Love is… Love is not: Sex, Abuse, Aggression, Control, Power, Hate, Cruelty, Manipulation, Rape, Torture, Murder, Hitting, Violence, Bullying, Bruising, Breaking, Hurting, Insane, Intimidating, Conceited, Selfish, Unkind, Impatient, Drugs, Alcohol, Sadistic, Envious, Lying, Tricking, Fooling, Misleading, Magic, Deceiving, Fake. Have you ever seen the stars on a clear night outside of the … More Heart Love

The Thumb

Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, now here’s The Thumb. “Gotcha under my thumb.” The Thumb says it all. Thumbs up (“Thumb’s up?”) Give it The Thumb. Thumb it down, Thumb it up, Give the Thumbs Up. Thumbing a Ride, Thumbing a Lift, Thumbing through the book. (Can you thumb through the blog?) Maybe Thumb through a Kindle on … More The Thumb