Status 22.04.2017

Hello dear bloggers, I will be disappearing from the blog for some time as my personal circumstances have changed a bit dramatically and I cannot sit still for long in front of the computer and WIFI. So… just a quick note to say a quick goodbye. I do check my emails occasionally, perhaps once a … More Status 22.04.2017

Status 30.03.2017

The domain is all sorted out, entirely my misunderstanding as it turns out there are two separate payments, one for the domain registration and the other for the domain hosting or “mapping.” So embarassing! My domain registrar and WordPress Happiness Engineers have all been so kind and diplomatic about it. All continues as usual….

Morning Sickness

Free Colouring Picture Pregnancy series… Well, we had the Baby series of colouring pictures recently. And this is the second in the Pregnancy series! Writer’s Prompt / Artist Prompt / Poetry Prompt If the pregnant picture doesn’t prompt a creative response, try some words: Invasion of the Scuba Diving Lentil Sudden surprise? Lovely sunrise. Gherkins … More Morning Sickness

Status 28.03.2017

We have a problem with the domain – it has not renewed properly at the domain registry, although it is paid for at WordPress. I am on to it with support emails to both parties and hope that access to the blog continues uninterrupted. If it does not get sorted out today and … More Status 28.03.2017


Free Colouring Picture Art prompt / Writing prompt / Poetry Prompt Whaat!? Godzilla Woman!! Watch out World!! If the picture is not promptious enough, try something a little more wordacious: I Am Woman La la la…. Stomp, Splash… Weighty Statement, Pregnant Pause The Dance of Life Mix ’em up: The Dance of Life, Stomp, Splash … More Woman

Growing on me

Free colouring Picture Writers prompt / Art prompt / Poetry prompt Add a bit of colour, or the art of words. If the picture is not enough, here are some wordy prompts: Growing On Me The Bump It isn’t the waiting… Tide In, Tide Out When the sun rose and the island caught fire Becoming … More Growing on me

Three Bottles

Bottled paradise. Sitting on the beach. Message in a bottle, or three. Palm fronds waving in the sunrise. Uncapped. Huddled. Waiting. SOS. Dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot, Save Our Souls. Labelled with names I do not know. Pour out the new wine and drink deep. Who knows where we might go?