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This is where it all began.   And I’ve enjoyed the struggle of forming an idea of what this blog can be, and what it can’t be.  Below is a record of my progress from the start. ~WilderSoul 15Mar2013

Colouring in is good for the soul.   It can be a very healing experience. I intend to provide free drawings for anyone to colour.  And also add a ‘paid’ section with a larger selection of drawings to choose from.

I’m new to creating a paid blog, and very excited about learning how it all works.  Please bear with me as I get started.  I love drawing, and love to provide healing experiences for others.  I love the thought of a portable income online which will allow some freedom to travel.  This will of course inspire more drawings to add to the collection.

I would also love to see the results of all your colouring-in work, so please feel free to post a link  in the comments to inspire others.




Mon Feb 11, 2013.  Please note, I am not a medical professional, nor a therapist of any kind.  I have found colouring in helpful in my own healing from trauma.  I draw and take photos, and use desktop publishing software to create different images.  If these are of use to you, then I am most happy to supply them to you on this blog free of charge.  I am not claiming to be a healer of any sort.  A Google search would probably offer more information than I, on how colouring in promotes healing.   All of the artwork I post on this blog is my own original work, either hand-drawn, digitally created, or digitally modified from one of my original photographs.  My full permission is given to reproduce these for your own personal use, or for those in your care.  Please ask permission to use them for any commercial purpose.  Thanks….  Happy colouring.   ~WilderSoul

Copyright ©2013 WilderSoul.  All rights reserved.

The paid blog idea has flopped somewhat.  Seems that I need to create a separate website, and perhaps add a WordPress.org blog to it.  This might take a year to get going properly, if it costs much money to set up.  I will build up a collection of artwork anyway, that is going to be fun for starters.  Hope you have as much enjoyment in colouring them as I have in creating them.  (Or even more…)  ~WilderSoul

Mon 18 Feb 2013.  Updated to say ‘please ask for permission’ to use my artwork for commercial purposes, instead of ‘I do not give permission.’  Because hey, who knows, I might say yes what a great idea.  And hope to make my name known, or make some cash.  Here’s hoping. 🙂  ~WilderSoul      Contact me on wildersoul@gmail.com

Wed 20 Feb 2013.  I am registering with headliner.fm to promote my free online colouring book.  I’m excited to see what happens.  Well that was a flop.  I would need to set up a Facebook account or similar first.  Maybe one day.  I’ll just keep on drawing for now.

Fri 22 Feb 2013.  I had a look at Etsy today, and JaniceArtShip… very interesting… ~WilderSoul

Thu 7 Mar 2013.  Fundrazr and Facebook not quite what I need for promotions.  I’m trying Dot TK, which has it’s own stats and search tags with a large audience, and it’s all free.

Nup.  Not the kind of advertising I’m after. The more I look, the happier I am with my WordPress blogging community.  It’s is about connecting with people in an interactive way, and I will be happy with word of mouth referrals from people who enjoy colouring in, and like the artwork I post.  So, I just need a bit of commitment (daily uploads for a year), and patience, and some faith in the rewards of good old-fashioned hard work.  (Big smiles) ~WilderSoul

Wednesday 13 Mar 2013.  Deleted my Fundrazr advert.  Working on figuring out how to create pdf and epub files ready to upload to the amazon.com store.  Exciting stuff! ~WilderSoul

Thursday 28 Mar 2013.  I’ve deleted my donation page as I don’t feel it fits the purpose of my blog, and have thrown out the idea of getting a PayPal button on the blog.  I will let the shop be a shop, and the blog be a blog.  When I am ready to sell a book, I will put it on Amazon, as it is well-known and reputable, and I can link to it from within WordPress.  Seems to be the most easily achievable, and practical means of selling my work.  (Sigh of relief).  I feel like I am moving forward now, knowing where my feet are heading.  At some point, I may change things on the blog in some way to incorporate my writing.  Once I figure out what I want to write here! 🙂

Saturday 20th April 2013 I have set up a new blog for writing, and have put together a paperback colouring book ready to sell on Amazon.  One thing left to do, and that is to design the cover!

Tuesday 23rd April 2013 WooHooo!  The cover is defeated after a contest of wits overnight, and I won by a hair’s breadth as the cover shut its eyes for a second, so I got it all tied up while it caught some sleep!  The book is now with Amazon and I am holding my breath in suspense to see if it will come back approved.  Time for a breather, and a good big nap in the sun, a walk in the fresh air, and lots and lots of food, which reminds me I must go shopping…  Then I must line up in order the million (exaggerated) things that have piled up in a heap behind my paperback cover, just waiting for their turn to challenge me to a dual.  Life or death!  That’s the thrill of making a living…  (Yawwwn, blink… rub eyes…)

Thursday 30 May 2013 I have sold one colouring book so far, (thank you Auntie Ngaire!) via facebook, and have held my own copy in my hands.  Exhilarating! Now I have two weeks of solid effort in setting up my shop blog.  It is halfway there.  I am busy making lots of pictures that will not go on the free blog.  And straining my brain uploading them all ‘properly’ to my Shop.  It even has a shopping cart!  All the excitement is getting to my heart.  There is a little bit of pressure too – as our main form of income may drop by a half…. in two weeks… Depends if this, plus homeschooling, is counted as full-time work…

Tuesday 4 June 2013, 6.19am, my shop blog is loaded up with a dozen pics at a larger size and higher resolution than the pics on the free blog.  I am so excited!  It is almost shop opening time.  Just testing out the PayPal and getting hold of a domain name! I’ll let you all know when it opens for business!

Wednesday 12 June 2013 Yesterday I had my first meeting with a business and employment advisor at the local Chamber of Commerce. I am creating a one-page business plan, and it is very revealing, and I am finding it therapeutic! I don’t think I will be selling 70 pics at $1.40 each week, and I may need to think of higher value items to sell.  🙂 Going through the process of thinking about how to make money is quite new for me. It’s not like walking into a job, doing it well, and being paid at the end of the week. I’m up for the challenge, and yet the biggest challenge is to sift through my thought processes behind the purpose of this business in the first place.

Friday 2 August 2013 I have come up with an elevator pitch, and now I need to make it come true! 😉 Here it is:

I am an artist who provides quality colouring books at an affordable price to therapists, as a helpful resource for healing.

Also, Tarina, Shaquin and I have created the dissolvingbuildings.com blog to practice making some money together. Our common goal is to raise enough money to travel to the South Island of New Zealand. And selling things on our collaborative blog, is our common means of reaching the goal. All of us are keen on a portable means of income, so that we can work as we travel. This local trip will be a practice run for a trip later on… which will probably be to visit friends and make business contacts in America.

Link to New About Page


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