Free Colouring Picture2017-03-28-01-CC Woman

Art prompt / Writing prompt / Poetry Prompt

Whaat!? Godzilla Woman!! Watch out World!!

If the picture is not promptious enough, try something a little more wordacious:

  • I Am Woman
  • La la la….
  • Stomp, Splash…
  • Weighty Statement, Pregnant Pause
  • The Dance of Life

Mix ’em up:

  • The Dance of Life, Stomp, Splash
  • I Am Woman, La la la….
  • Pregnant Statement, Weighty Pause

Ha ha ha…

Have fun.


8 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Ha! My colouring expedition also led to the garden..! 2D designs morphed into 3D designs. I love adding height to the design in the garden, in addition to colour! Ain’t it grand??!

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  2. I was gifted books and a bevvy of colored pencils, and purchased a pencil sharpener (school kiddo style, so I can lay on end table next to couch) – I got ONE design done, about 4 months ago, BUT, my pencils being put to grid-paper, color-coordinated/labeled Garden Plans layout, 2017 – – LOL (Don’t hurt yourself with the forehead slap over my inability to rest/relax for very long…okay? LOL)

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  3. Even when she’s divorced and the kiddos are off to college – she’s so used to filling every nook and cranny of a day with stuff, she just takes on a gazillion more projects to fill the void – – (Ahem, that, TOO! is voice of my recent experience! LOL And man am I payin’ for those life choices! LOL)

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  4. Ah the voice of experience…. didn’t the Woman look “on the Edge-ish…” heh heh… Could be a good start to the Stomp, Splash writing prompt… Stomp, Haha, Oops, Splash… Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away… repeat… (A woman’s work is never done…) hehe

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  5. I am Woman! Hear Me Roar! Oh, wait, Baby, didn’t mean to startle you – OUCH! quit kickin’ my ribs – I Said I was SORRY! – Fine, FINE~ Here’s some flowers, rainbows and magic Fairy Dust to make up for my moment of frustration….. LOL

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