Status 28.03.2017

We have a problem with the domain – it has not renewed properly at the domain registry, although it is paid for at WordPress. I am on to it with support emails to both parties and hope that access to the blog continues uninterrupted.

If it does not get sorted out today and the blog can no longer be accessed at, please feel free to type in “” and you will find everything is still here….

Sorry guys! Hopefully all will be sorted out really quickly today. Both companies have been very very good to me and I trust that they will do their best to keep the blog running at without interruption.




5 thoughts on “Status 28.03.2017

  1. Ahh….the never ending to-do list to keep interconnected services…um…interconnected during updates/improvements/renewals – You have my total and complete EMPATHY! Hope it is fixed soon! 🙂

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    1. Thanks TamrahJo, what a shock I got this morning! I’m sure it will get sorted out quickly. Just thought I’d better leave the address *just in case* o.O Have a wonderful colourful day!

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      1. I was amazed, SIMPLY amazed! I tell you when I tentatively planned a short 18 hour mini-vacay away from my website biz that the morning of departure, I didn’t wake up to notifications “You have a gazillion updates to fix latest security loophole found, cancel your plans and spend all day seeing what the security patch broke on theme/layout/other tool integration items…have fun with that…” – Ahem! LOL

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