Guest Colourer: Cut Flowers

Coloured in colouring picture

2017-03-28-02-GC101 Cut Flowers

Thank you once again to our special Guest Colourer for some beautiful colouring in. See the original Cut Flowers colouring picture on the Wildersoul blog.

Our Guest Colourer used their Microsoft Windows “Paint” program to colour in the picture. Would you like to give it a try? The steps to do it are something like this:

  • Right-click the image you wish to colour.
  • Choose Open Link in New Tab
  • Right Click the image in the new tab
  • Choose Save Image As…
  • Select the location on your computer where you wish to save the image (ie Pictures)
  • Give the file a new name if you wish
  • Click Save
  • Open the File Explorer on your computer
  • Find the image file you just saved (ie in Pictures)
  • Right click the file name
  • Choose “Open With Paint”
  • Use the Paint program to colour in!

Before and After

Love how our Guest Colourer has cropped the picture to bring out the best composition? She has also increased the overall size of the image. There are no rules to the Wildersoul colouring pictures, you can do what you like to them! 🙂 Feel free to use them as a starting point for your own creation.

I invite anyone who would like to share their coloured in colouring pictures with the Wildersoul blog community to send a picture via email to the usual

In the email please let me know if it is okay to freely share it for others to save, print, copy and change, and if you would like your work to be anonymous. (There are advantages to anonymity!)

If you would like your name known, and require copyright protection for your image, let me know and we can work out the best way to do it. It may be better to add a link to your picture in the comments, and tell us a bit about it if you wish! Then we can visit your blog to have a look. (Most pictures on the Wildersoul series of blogs are under the Creative Commons licence freely shared for non-commercial use.)

Happy Creating!


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