Sparrow, little Sparrow

The Inner Workings…

Sparrows are such a small bird, hardly noticed in the busy rush of urban life, and sometimes considered a pest. They breed rapidly, as the big brothers and sisters keep the next batch of eggs warm while Mum and Dad both provide food. Up to four batches of eggs hatched each season… And yet, if we take time to sit still and quiet in a corner of a field, a garden, or under a tree in the City, gradually we observe the unique character of this shy and caring little bird, fighting for a mate to lay eggs in the nest he built, and diligently feeding his young. Giving shrill warning of danger to the even more shy female and babies. Hiding camouflaged and still as they all watch and wait for us humans to move off, so they may come out once more to feed and play.

The Process

Preliminary Roughs

Here are a series of sketches working up to a finished coloured picture, and you are welcome to colour any of these, or use them as a starting point to draw your own sparrow.

20170309-09-CC Sparrow Sketch
The roughest of a rough preliminary sketch
20170309-08-CC Sparrow Sketch
A simplified preliminary sketch

Working Up a Sketch

20170309-10-CC Sparrow Sketch
Sketching in the basic shapes
20170309-11-CC Sparrow Sketch
Fading the basic shapes and working up the finished sparrow outline
20170309-12-CC Sparrow Sketch
The Sparrow with a faint hint of trees

Colouring the Sparrow

Some Options for Colouring Your Own

20170309-07-CC Sparrow
Sparrow with sketchy tree branches
20170309-02-CC Sparrow
Sparrow with bolder branches
20170309-01-CC Sparrow
Sparrow with bolder branches and sketchy leafy background

White Background, or Transparent Background for Digital Colouring

Hovering over the captions seems to show up which is which.

Sparrow, or no Sparrow?

Partly Coloured

20170309-13-CC Sparrow Col Bkgrd


Learning from a sparrow: the simple life of providing for our own; loving our mate and family, putting up with the petty squabbles and sharing our crumbs with little ones who cannot find their own. Singing our hearts out for joy when the sun yet again shines after a long period of darkness; sheltering in the comfort of our nest when the night birds come out to prey.

Happy Colouring,


PS. “‘Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow,’ said the Prince,’will you not stay with me for one night, and be my messenger? The boy is so thirsty, and the mother so sad.” The story of another small bird…


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