Community Colouring Book

Turn your photos into a colouring book

I am interested in publishing a Wildersoul colouring book that I will create from photos sent in by the wider community (that could be you…). These could be photos from many people on a single theme, or from a single person on a single theme or any collection of favourite photos.

Please email me at, or comment below if you are interested in supplying photographs for this purpose.

Pay only the price of a single colouring book

Rather than paying an artist to create a single book for you at an hourly rate, please consider if you would like the book published on Amazon worldwide where you can purchase the single book for yourself at the retail price. Other people worldwide may also purchase the book. There would need to be a copyright agreement that the colouring pictures taken from your original photos become the sole property of Wildersoul (that is me). Your original photographs remain the sole property of yourself.

(At this initial stage I am gauging how much interest there is in this idea… this blog post is not a contractual agreement.)

Make a profit selling your new colouring book

If you would like to become a reseller of any Wildersoul colouring books, please let me know, as I can provide a Reseller Discount code. With this code you may order stock from the CreateSpace eStore, and sell them at normal retail price, collecting a small margin. Or do with them as you please, perhaps you would like to gift them to your friends and family? Or donate them to people in need; orphans, widows, disaster victims, elderly and infirm, wrongly imprisoned… Or supply them in bulk to your favourite schools, daycare centres, libraries, community centres…?

Order samples at a discounted price

If you would like to order a sample at a discounted price, to test it out and see if you believe in the product before selling it, please get in touch. (Hope this does not sound too selfish -it will save me time and energy and I won’t have to gather private information such as your delivery address.) I would really appreciate your reviews, and would love to have permission to publish them as “testimonials” on the blog.

Look forward to hearing from you. Please be patient as I am on the blog regularly each week, but sometimes only for three days in a week. I will respond to emails and blog comments as quickly as I can.

Happy Colouring,



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