Heart Love


Love Love Love…

Love is…

Love is not: Sex, Abuse, Aggression, Control, Power, Hate, Cruelty, Manipulation, Rape, Torture, Murder, Hitting, Violence, Bullying, Bruising, Breaking, Hurting, Insane, Intimidating, Conceited, Selfish, Unkind, Impatient, Drugs, Alcohol, Sadistic, Envious, Lying, Tricking, Fooling, Misleading, Magic, Deceiving, Fake.

Have you ever seen the stars on a clear night outside of the city light glow and found that as your eyes adjust to seeing long distance and your perception sharpens that there are more stars than you have ever seen before in your whole life?

Sometimes its join-the-dots with only 12 dots, and then suddenly with eyes open wide there are 56 million dots crowding each other to catch a bit of my viewspace. And wherever I look there are more. Now how did that happen?

Happy gel-pen colouring!



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