Doom Gloom


Goodbye Doom and Gloom.



5 thoughts on “Doom Gloom

  1. Hello Pat! So sad to hear about your aunt! Peace is wonderful.
    About the book – thank you! I hope Sydelle enjoys creating her own pictures inside the frames! I still remember the beautiful colouring she did with the ‘flowers’ I sent! All my best wishes to both of you, and all your family and loved ones. 🙂

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  2. Hi Anasera, I’ve been remiss since the passing of my aunt in December last year. She suffered from dementia for a few years. But I’m glad she’s at peace now. So yeah, goodbye doom and gloom. May 2017 treat us kindly. BTW, I will purchase your DIY book as soon as Sydelle has decided the other book she wants so that I can get the free shipping. Keep drawing, my friend. (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ♡


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