The Thumb


Tom Thumb, Thumbelina, now here’s The Thumb. “Gotcha under my thumb.” The Thumb says it all. Thumbs up (“Thumb’s up?”) Give it The Thumb. Thumb it down, Thumb it up, Give the Thumbs Up. Thumbing a Ride, Thumbing a Lift, Thumbing through the book. (Can you thumb through the blog?) Maybe Thumb through a Kindle on a mobile device. Thumb thumb thumb starts to look like Thump. Have you ever thumped your thumb? Have you had your thumb thumped? Thumping a thumb on the the table could indicate annoyance, impatience, or chilling out to some moozack, thumbing a beat, thumbing the rhythm. Thumping the Thumb Drum. Are you drumming your thumb, drumming your thumb, thrumming your thumb might make your thumb numb: Time’s up, must stop, thumbing my nose, away I goes.

Haha… please try this! What a giggle. Can you read it out loud all the way through without stopping? How many times? Tttthhhhhhhhh…….th… ttthhhhh…. Think I’ll go thrink thum wather…. (gulp!)

Thappy Colouring and thrumping!

Wildersoul the Missus.

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