Blank Frames for Colouring

I just have to share another collection of blank frames for the coming weekend! Hope you enjoy creating your own colouring pictures, and please request something different or special if you can’t find it on the blog or in the free colouring pictures collection. I can create colourful frames if you wish too!

If you want a collection turned into a paperback, just for you, please let me know, as I can whip up something reasonably quick and put it on Amazon for you (and everyone else) to purchase! The bonus is that when it is printed as a paperback, the print quality is much higher than what is available on the blog.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of blank frames waiting for your creative input!


I like these unusual blank frame shapes made of Simple, Regular, Convex Polygons. Bit like my simple regular convex brain! Ha!

Which do you like to colour best? The 3-sided Trigon (Yes, that’s our good old Triangle,) 5-sided Pentagon, 6-sided Hexagon, 7-sided Septagon, 9-sided Nonagon (or Enneagon if you want to get fancy), 10-sided Decagon, or the almost circular 12-sided Dodecagon?

(I actually remembered them all off by heart, and you can check it out at if you want to make sure. That’s what I did! Didn’t want to be embarrassed if I got it wrong! They have a fun interactive polygon maker too!)

For newbies to WP, just right-click on your favourite shape and click on Open Link in New Tab. From there you can print the image in your usual way. I use Ctrl-P to print but you might have another way of doing it on your computer.

Happy Colouring,

Mrs Wildersoul

(Check out

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