Blank circle frames and a heart or two…

Very popular blank frames for colouring. Thought I’d better Reblog it for the benefit of everyone who loves the do-it-yourself nature of blank colouring frames. Happy Colouring!

Wildersoul Colouring Book

Creative souls, here are some new blank frames for you to colour in. Who would have guessed these would be the all-time favourite choice for my creative guests to colour! I had a quick peek at my stats today, and knew I must make more blank frames to give you all a bit of variety!  Enjoy 🙂


blank frame circles 3blank frame circles 1blank frame circles 16blank frame circles 15blank frame circles 14blank frame circles 13blank frame circles 12blank frame circles 11blank frame circles 10blank frame circles 9blank frame circles 8blank frame circles 7blank frame circles 6blank frame circles 5blank frame circles 4blank frame circles 2

PS. I’ve been on the lookout for others who provide blank frames, and wondered if you might be interested in this:

I am wondering how to make a program to generate blank frames…. 🙂 Cool idea!

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