Art Therapy with a Poem

1.old earth new earth 1c2. old earth new earth 1e3. old earth new earth 1f

Do-it-yourself art therapy starting with a randomly chosen set of pictures. I pick one picture…. which would you pick?

old earth new earth 1f

Then I start to ponder, and to let words flow.

Embryo. Yolk. Growing unseen. A sac of watery protection and nourishment is a fortified wall enveloping me. Waste is removed and cannot grow with me. Temperature adjusts, is it thought control? My womb is a warm glowing tomb.

Then I look at my words and ponder, once again.

Is it a poem? A pomb? Maybe a pome.

My eye becomes critical. I don’t like what I see. I allow my feelings to rise into view from their submerged grave and then allow them to float back in peace.

In my mind I remove the tomb. I take out the sac of watery protection and nourishment, the fortified wall enveloping me and tell it that it is too wordy and doesn’t belong there, all important sounding and looking like a statement, a declaration and not like a poem at all. I send it to its pomb. Don’t come out until you’ve thought about it.

I don’t like the tomb. It is a womb, or a room. Not a broom. Not a tomb.

Then I let the words rest as they are. They are what they are, they came out of me. A response to what I see.

Poem Therapy started a long time ago, and if you wish, help yourself to a colouring picture and use it as a starting point for some creative expression of your own.



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