Kindle eBook – DIY Colouring Book

In celebration of the soon to be revealed Kindle Edition of the DIY—Wildersoul Colouring Book II, here are a selection of free online colouring pictures designed to encourage creativity. Add your own colours and lines as a DIY Colouring Book experience!

88x31 Selected colouring pictures are from Wildersoul’s Free Online Colouring Book. (If you search through the blog, you will find the original posts!)

Scribbles random 1 Scribbles random 2 Scribbles random 3 Tile bird guides 660x540px 90dpi waves earthquake2 col frame 660 triangles bw squares circles repeat honeycomb

It can be fun to print out the squiggles for a group of friends, or family and enjoy the different way each person builds their own picture from the squiggle.

The colourful frame is ready to place something startling inside.

The honeycomb could use your imagination: Is it full of bees? Hearts? Stick figures?

Will you have a game of noughts and crosses, or use the grid to build a balanced composition?

What will you do with the jam-packed little circles? Smiley faces? Or something even more serious and meaningful?

What are those wavy lines for? Let’s imagine…

The odd-looking frame with the curves in the corners was used to create a continuous fabric design. It is a starting point for your own design.

These are not intended for instantly producing a finished work of art. They are more of a Scratchpad for Ideas, a Jotting Journal for Creative Expression,  a Prompt for picking up a coloured pencil, pen, crayon, marker, or whatever is on hand and doing something with it that could be out of the ordinary, or thoughtful, or reflective, or just an outlet for letting out what is truly inside.

Here is a small example of a couple of lines that could turn into whatever you wish.

Arrival Arriving

It could be an entirely different picture if turned upside down. Perhaps a tree? A fountain? A face?

What do you see?

I hope you enjoy the DIY Colouring Book experience.

Happy Colouring!


(PS. I uploaded the Kindle eBook today, so it could appear on Amazon any time soon. The Kindle Comic Creator made it so easy!)


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