Blank Frames and Do it yourself colouring book – Look Inside

You can now “Look Inside” the DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book II at  In celebration, please help yourself to a blank frame to two to express what’s truly inside. 🙂

We love to encourage creative expression and our most popular colouring pictures on the free Wildersoul Colouring Book blog have consistently been our selection of blank frames. This inspired me to publish a paperback “do-it-yourself colouring book,” as an art therapy resource which I believe is the first of its kind. There are not only blank frames, but also circle frames with geometric guidelines within them to provide a foundation structure to build upon. If you enjoy creating your own mandalas, or zendoodles, then you might enjoy these templates.

The rest of this free online colouring book blog can be used as inspiration, a prompt for artwork or poetry, or just some ideas to get started from. I guess this is my own “do-it-yourself colouring book” that I have shared publicly! I highly recommend the process for getting better after trauma.

Happy colouring,


PS – My apologies for any inconvenience with the new blog theme. There are a few things I need to iron out! I got a bit frustrated with some of the featured images getting squashed on the front page of the old blog theme. Poor things! This new theme will allow me to feature more of the best free colouring pictures at the top of the blog, as I would like to bury a lot of my old attempts to sell colouring pictures – this blog is not the place for it. The more I post at the top, the further down the blog the old posts will travel. It’s the only way to move forward from your history…. besides lobotomy? Blogotomy? (hee hee)


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