Express what’s truly inside…


Dear Precious Souls,

It is hard to look inside another persons body, and harder to see inside their mind! To express what is truly inside is a very personal experience. It took a bit of working up to creating this colouring picture. I will desribe a little about it, both from a “how-to” perspective, and to reveal a little of “what’s truly inside.”

This is my first completed colouring picture (Grid No. 2.4 on page 17) from the DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book II. I have called it “Beautiful Pool” because it reminds me of waterlilies and raindrops on a peaceful pool. If you look close, you can spot the tiny circles that make up the “Grid” for you to build your design on. The grid lines radiate out from the centre. I just kind of joined the dots with short curved lines and added “leaves” wherever there was a tiny circle! For the extra grid line tiny circles, I drew more circles around them which when I looked at it afterwards, reminded me of raindrops on a pool of water. Quite simple… and then I coloured it in, as you would a normal colouring book picture! I found it very relaxing and it completely absorbing.

The border is from Photoshop on my Android Phone, and now when I look at it I think I will have to make a colouring book one day that has fancy borders on it too! You could easily do a border like this at home if you have access to a camera / smartphone or computer / editing software.

Come to think of it, someone could offer a service where they “digitally frame” people’s colouring book pictures from a photograph, and isn’t it amazing, I can “print on the cloud” and pick up my colour laser printed picture from the local library! Probably someone has already come up with the idea and offers such a service. 🙂

On the “express what’s truly inside” sort of front…. the picture reminds me of macrophages (which literally means big eaters!) which are our mobile white blood cells, and lymphocytes which are also small white blood cells with a single round nucleus. These are the “good guys” that gobble up the stuff that harms our bodies. It’s good to flush the old gobblers out with good fresh water, and move our muscles regularly to clear the lymph system. The thing is with creative expression especially for art therapy, is that we all have our own “language” of colours and symbols that we are able to interpret for ourselves. I study a lot of health-related information so it is not surprising that I express health-related symbols in my own drawings. It is on my mind. And it’s all about expressing what’s on our mind. I guess the same way as our bodies clear out the old stuff with a regular flow of fresh water, we can clear our minds with a fresh flow of regular colouring!

The interesting thing about art, is that the viewer will see things from their own unique perspective. What do you see in this picture? How does it relate to your own life events? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Happy colouring to all!


PS – I want to add some blank frames from the free online colouring book because they are the most popular posts and it is what spurred me on to create a do-it-yourself colouring book with blank frames. You can right click below on the blank frame you want to colour, and choose “Open Link in New Tab” and from there you can print it or save it.

Happy Colouring


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