Do-it-yourself colouring book – at Amazon now!


Amazon has the DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book II available today, I almost leaped out of my seat when I saw it listed!  Here is the link –

Do you love colouring books for stress relief or art therapy and want something that allows you to express a little more of what’s inside? Something that encourages and supports you to increase your confidence in creative expression?

That’s what this unique do-it-yourself colouring book is all about. It may seem a bit daunting looking at the complicated round frame with guidelines at the beginning of the book. If you flip to the Mini Pics chapter on page 19 (like I did when I was brave enough to pick up a colouring pencil and flatten the front cover down to start colouring) you will find something a bit more manageable for learning how to make your mark without judgement.

I really hope you will find hours of enjoyment, personal reflection, self-awareness, lose yourself in the creative moment, and  let go of any burdens while tasting a bit of each chapter in this personal diary for creative expression. Artists have a visual diary, and this is I believe the equivalent, but for the purpose of creative expression. Any colours, shapes, lines, forms, textures and words, phrases, stories can be added as you please. The basic framework is there for you to build upon.

Oh, I remember! I couldn’t bring myself to start on a picture, so I warmed up by colouring the Title Page inside the front cover!!! Then I coloured the motif on page vi, and the T and y of the Thank you on page vii. (I have to share – I am really delighted with this book. It is like “the colouring book I never had when I was young!”) Yes, I have always liked to create my own pictures, but to have a beautiful geometric structure to create within is a real dream.

What do you think? Is it for you?

9 thoughts on “Do-it-yourself colouring book – at Amazon now!

  1. Thanks! I agree with you on providing colouring books for hospitals and therapists’ waiting rooms. My mission today is to figure out how to make a wholesale discount code so that larger groups can buy in bulk. The cool thing about the do-it-yourself colouring book idea, is that the same book can be coloured again and again, because you make your own designs each time. I will post a picture on the blog of one of the circle frames I coloured. It is unusual because the grid or “guidelines” in the centre of the circle frame are actually tiny circles spaced out radially from a central dot. Not sure how that comes across in words, so I will post it and it will be easier to see. 😉 Lovely to hear from you! 🙂

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  2. I am super happy for you, well done! It must be so exciting to have your own book and I think it is really great idea. They should provide them in hospitals or therapists’ waiting rooms. I’d like to see some of your colouring, if you ever felt like sharing. 🙂

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  3. (I am so thrilled – the first copy of my book sold last night here in New Zealand and I hope it will help bring a bit of creative joy to all it meets! And now the first day of exposure on Amazon has begun and I am very excited about how it will be received and what benefits might be enjoyed and spread around the world.)


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