A World-First Do-It-Yourself Colouring Book for Adults and Kids


Copyright 2016 Anasera Trifonoff

Wildersoul.com has published a world first “do-it-yourself colouring book,” an art therapy self help education resource for adults and kids. Create your own colouring designs with the help of guidelines and grids. Anasera Trifonoff, the author of the “DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book II,” enjoys creating resources to help people express themselves creatively.  Available as a 96-page paperback from selected online retail outlets from December 2016.

Colouring helped Anasera to heal from post-traumatic stress, and she began a mission to encourage creativity as an aid to healing. She created a free online colouring blog, sharing more than 365 colouring pictures, and published the first book in the Wildersoul Colouring Book series in 2013.

Anasera dedicates her do-it-yourself colouring book “to you wilder souls who want to leap out from between the lines and express what is truly inside.”

=== I would love to hear your feedback and read your reviews! ===

Happy DIY Colouring!



(Press Release: New Zealand, 1 December 2016. Anasera Trifonoff)

(Newsflash: Available now at CreateSpace eStore)

(First book sold in New Zealand, 5 December 2016)

(Newsflash 8 Dec 2016: DIY – Wildersoul Colouring Book now available to “Look Inside” on Amazon.com, and searchable on Google. First book sold online today!)

16 thoughts on “A World-First Do-It-Yourself Colouring Book for Adults and Kids

  1. Hey there Trenton, yes it has been a lot of hard work, and yet I have been happy doing it! I see the ultimate goal at the end of it – to help people get better after trauma. There is a lot of trauma in the world we live in today. And yes, it is unusual to be able to “interact” with your own book after its release from the authoring process. Maybe you could add some colouring pages to your next book? 😉


  2. Hello Trenton! Thank you! It is good to be back. Been a bit of a mission getting it published! I am worn out from the excitement and having a wee break for the weekend. I am enjoying this book personally, as a “creative expression” diary, a bit like an artist’s “visual diary.” All the best to you! Hope to keep in touch!


  3. It’s my pleasure, Anasera. Thank you for thinking about me. I will check out your DIY book online soon. It’s wonderful to hear from you and I’m so glad to know that you’re well, happy & have lots of time for gardening. May you continue to bloom, my friend. Hugs ʕ ⊃・ ◡ ・ ʔ⊃

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  4. Thank you sooooo much Pat! I was thinking of you when I was ready to publish it! Also thinking all of the “Bloggy” friends I made when I was online every day! I am in a peaceful stage of my life, married and with independent kids who have flown out of the nest. I love gardening in my spare time now. 🙂

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