We are experiencing technical difficulties at present, and hope to get back to daily uploads by next week, if the old laptop can be resuscitated…

Otherwise, I shall have to rethink what to focus on next, as an opportunity has arisen to do some 3D design work which quite excites me!

I am thinking of colouring in my own colouring book, with my Reblog 2016 tag series. I am learning (at long last) the open source free software called GIMP which is great for painting and sketching with colours and a variety of brushes. I was hoping for Krita but have had trouble installing it.

The Wildersoul Colouring Book II has its collection of pictures ready, and needs a bit of editing to make sure the PDF file is ready to upload to CreateSpace. My laptop display has filled up with clouds, very pretty but impossible to work with, and I feel rather frustrated that I cannot forget ahead and complete this DIY Colouring Book, “like, pronto.”

It is a good time to reflect on who to present the book to. Originally I intended to offer colouring books to therapists, and this is perhaps still the best way to go. This DIY Colouring Book is designed to allow much more creativity and personal expression by providing blank frames, grids and guidelines to facilitate both designing and colouring work.

I had thought of combining my many blogs, and read this morning on All Indie Writers how it may not be the best move. It may be best to keep the colouring book blog strictly as a colouring book blog, and the Create~Express blog for writing, poetry, video, spoken word, music, and all other creative expression. And upload photos and “off-line artwork/sculptures” to Wildersoul Rainbows, as originally separated out according to function. The Big Armchair might become a place to display diagrams etc of Bible themes. Originally I had thought of doing a series of interviews. I am thinking now of creating a space for ladies to gather.

All depending on recovering from these technical difficulties….

Anyhoo, that is the status for today!  Sorry no colouring pic!
Perhaps browse through and see what goodies you can find from the collection so far. Isn’t it wonderful the enormous selection of high quality colouring books available on, and at stationery and book stores all over the place now?

Happy colouring,

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