It’s dark. We are waiting. While I wait I think of you. Many of you. Yous. Many yous reading my words. Many yous glancing at my lines and scribbles, doodles and drawings. I smile. I am thinking of you smiling. I think of many yous smiling and chuckling, on the inside. Inside it is moist. It is a damp humid moist evening which mists up the windscreen and feels ever so slightly suffocating.
Are you dry and warm, is it summer in your land, far away? Or are you close, outdoors dancing in the gentle rain, waiting for the moonrise?
There are many things to do, and all of it is waiting while I think of you. There are too many yous to fit in one picture. I think of small groups and wonder what you would most enjoy, but mostly what you would most need…
The light is blinding and you are arriving. I smell the gentle breath of sweet night air. I open my arms and welcome you, inside.


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