Scripture Pictures

back to the land

Scripture Pictures! Sometimes simple words. Sometimes a common sense illustration. Sometimes diagramming a complex idea.

Ezekiel the prophet tells of a future time when all of the house of Israel are brought back to their land. The dead are raised up and filled with the spirit of God, and whisked off to Israel.

Back to the Land 90dpi RGB colour 700 x 467px flat

Check it out in the Bible book of Ezekiel, chapters 36 and 37.

What religion teaches this?

Happy colouring,


Wildersoul 2016 logo 90dpi 119x75pxYes, there’s  more hidden away in here!

Back to the Land 90dpi RGB colour 700 x 467px flat

Let’s describe the symbolism in this Scripture Picture.

The two glowing yellow circles top left, are Jehovah the Most High God, and His Son Jesus Christ. One is bigger than the other. The biggest is the most important.

The blue background is the entire heavens where Jehovah and Jesus live, and where all creation belongs.

The large circle represents the earth.

The little blue triangle represents Jehovah’s house on Earth.

The bright green land represents the land of Israel.

The dirty blood red circle represents Jehovah’s people, Israel, who turned away from Him, and were expelled from God’s house.

The blue sea and the brown land represent all of the dead people of the house of Israel. Whether their grave is in the sea or on land, it doesn’t matter.

The many yellow circles represents God’s spirit being poured into the dead people of the house of Israel, miraculously bringing them all to life, full of health, fresh and new.

The large yellow circle whisking upwards, shows the entire house of Israel being brought to the land of Israel by Jehovah.






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