365+ Coloring Pictures by Wildersoul

Wildersoul’s downloadable colouring book is now ready for you.

365+ Coloring Pictures, Instant Download, Print offline any time, as many times as you like

What is it?

A year’s worth of coloring pictures in a zipfile which can be stored on your computer, or a flash drive, CD or DVD, etc. It is 100.41 MB in total.

How much?

All for an affordable US$12.00!!  Because I’d love to see a copy in every home.

Who is it for?

For you of course!

  • General public
    • Man
    • Woman
    • Child
    • All ages
  • Health professionals
    • therapists
    • hospitals
    • rehabilitation support workers
    • social workers
    • counsellors
  • Educators
    • schools
    • preschools
    • homeschoolers
  • Workers
    • Office workers
    • Labourers
    • Night shift
    • Seasonal workers

What is it for?

Downloading and printing 365+ Wildersoul Colouring Book blog pictures offline. Contains images only. Once it is on your storage device, you may print as many pictures as you like for yourself, your friends, your clients, your patients, your students, and your children. Give it as a gift on a USB stick!

How do I pay?

Secure payment is via PayPal. Credit cards are accepted, and no PayPal account is necessary.

Buy now with PayPal.

This link will take you to my PayPal invoice for US$12.00. Please review and choose your method of payment. You will then be directed to the DropBox download page. You can download to your own DropBox account, or choose your destination.

Thanks for your interest!

Happy colouring,

PS- I can’t help thinking of it as a “blog on a stick!”

26 thoughts on “365+ Coloring Pictures by Wildersoul

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  4. Dear Followers,

    This Instant Download Offer Has Expired as at 29 April 2015.

    Unfortunately Sellboxhq.com no longer processes payments for downloadable files from DropBox. Please email me at wildersoul@gmail.com for this collection of 365+ colouring pictures, and I will arrange to send a PayPal invoice for US$12, and upon receipt of payment, email you the colouring pictures personally.



  5. Sellboxhq.com seems to be down as of the last week, so my “For Sale” colouring pages are not available. My site needs a bit of a polish up, to make it a totally free colouring book blog. Watch for little changes…


  6. That is so cool! I didn’t know that it sent an email with the file attached! Now everyone knows what to expect 🙂 Thank you for stepping us all through the process!

    Hope you enjoy the beautiful present! Might even last a whole year! 😉


  7. Have you tried your downloads folder, documents folder, and desktop? Those are common places for downloads to go. It should be just one file called 365artworks.zip – perhaps a “search” or “find” will locate it for you?


  8. Sometimes there is a setting, like a firewall or something that might need to have the paypal.com site added as a trusted site, or something like that. Sorry, I am no expert!

    Hope the different browser might make a difference!


  9. I tried it – it takes a couple of seconds while the status bar says it is “establishing a secure connection to PayPal,” and then the PayPal box comes up.

    What sort of internet connection do you have? Perhaps it is slower to load, or there is something stopping it from loading?


  10. No, there is no promotion at present. Was the price still set at $12.00 when you clicked “I want that?”
    It is supposed to load up PayPal, ready to take your details. Did anything at all come up?
    I will go and check it right now and see if it does the same thing!


  11. I am wondering if “Instant” is the right word to use… What do you think??
    Although it instantly starts downloading once the payment goes through, it does take a bit of slow and steady to get the 100MB zapped through to your computer.


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