Broken glass


Broken glass

Yes, I am still playing with Infinite Design on my Android phone. Just testing out Kaleidoscope and Radial… It’s a jarring sort of picture do you think?

Sharpish colouring,

5 thoughts on “Broken glass

  1. I do remember fondly singing your poem and hope I may attain to such a degree of creative confidence once again, hopefully in the near future! I am so pleased to hear that your beautiful wife colours up the world and would like to extend my warmest welcome to her. (Puts another log on roaring fire and boils up a pot of tea.) I am now imagining t you as Trentle with the grey beard. I really like the blog community, and miss exchanging written expressions. Thanks for the kind words!


  2. Please my friend – break into song anytime. I hope you remember that you sang one of my poems – I display that proudly on my blog. So sing away!

    I’m going grey too, no worries there. We’ll go grey together! I’m doing well, though very busy. Still writing tons, and still part of a great and very giving blog community out there.

    Sorry I spelt your name wrong by the way, it’s been a while… but glad to hear from you and see that you’re posting. And grey and all, you’re still pretty cool and I love your colouring stuff. My wife is into colouring now, so I’m going to direct her to your site.

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  3. Hullo Trent. Thinking of writing a book full of the mistaken words my phone “guesses” I might want to say. It’s hard to break a new phone in, and learn’em out of their Broken English. Sometimes feel like I’m walking on broken glass… Sorry Annie Lennox! Shall I break into song? Will you join in on the instrumental break? Which instruments shall we break? Sorry Young Ones.
    What’s more important is… How are you and all the other millions of bloggers out there? I am a terrible recluse. Even in company. Getting grumpier in my old age. Speaking of which I am going grey. How about you?
    (Well you did ask…!)


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