Curvilinear Perspective

Hello Curvi-Community!

A bit of a learning curve to tame the Curvilinear Perspective tool on my new Infinite Design software. Et Voila! Have fun colouring!



Poetry prompt, anyone?
Love to read your poems prompted by this picture! Leave us a link or pingback in the comments.

World Perspective
A little perspective
Slips out of the box
Puts me in the picture
On the outside looking in
Or am I on the inside,
Looking out?
A window on the world.
How far do we go?

Borderless Perspective


Why do we need a border?
Surely it is a lack of love.

Colourful Curvilinear

Colourful Curvilinear walked in through the door. It opened
for her willingly, responsive
to her key. No border control
against her Love, no barrier to her
Love. She has slipped past the world perspective, the window was wide open, welcoming arms received her, cries of delight
colour the black and white world in
A most curvilinear way.

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