Porcelain Plate

Have a look at this new gift. It’s a porcelain plate with a black and white Wildersoul Colouring Book geometric circle design in the centre.

Source: Wildersoul Circle AM1-10 PP by Anasera – Porcelain Plate

Isn’t it amazing where Wildersoul Colouring Book designs can end up?!

Can you colour in your porcelain plate with different coloured food?

Imagine a Colouring Book party with a porcelain plate each to colour in with food.

Orange carrots, green peas, yellow cheese… I can imagine them all squashed into paste on a painter’s palette in neat little mounds, ready to dab into the inviting white spaces.

Let’s party!

Link to photos of your own Colouring Party in the comments. 😉

Happy colouring,



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