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Buy now we should know that the Wildersoul Colouring Book is free. I would like it to remain a free online colouring book for many years to come.

However, I have noticed the beautiful quality adult colouring books published on real paper and wish to promote them.

I also love stationery shops, and have set up a virtual stationery shop specialising mostly in colouring book supplies and equipment. See “Shop” in the menu at the top of the blog.

Virtual shopping care of Amazon. Thank you Amazon!

Colouring Supplies – crayons, colouring pencils, markers, felt-tip pens

Colouring Books (of all descriptions!) I am unhappy about some of the adult colouring books that pop up in the Shop, and will endeavour to find a way to “edit” what appears there. However, here is the link, and there are heaps and heaps of colouring books to choose from.

Japanese Sand Gardens, Zen miniature sand gardens I love sand gardens, raking the sand into different patterns. Very relaxing! I recommend it.

Indoor water fountains, so peaceful I love the sound of water burbling away, lovely stress reliever.

Outdoor water fountains – get away from the desk and into the garden Why not go the whole hog and install a water fountain in the patio area? I wonder if those yarn-bombers might do “fountain-bombing” and secretly install water fountains into dreary urban areas full of stressed city workers?

Bonsai Trees Now we’re really getting into “Mindfulness.” Tenderly trim that little tree until it looks like a big tree. Especially good when you don’t have room for a big tree. And if you don’t have so many years to wait for a tree to grow big! Something special about tending to a living thing. I really like this Imported Fukien Tea Bonsai Tree by Sheryls Shop.

Please enjoy the one stop shopping experience.

Affiliately yours,

Anasera, of, Blog City, WordPress. 😉

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