I tried to get my custom domain setup and tripped over many times. Please accept my apologies for the sudden and unannounced disappearance of my blog!

WordPress support are helping me out of the mess I have made. It should have been simple but I made it very complicated… (Sigh)

Hopefully you will see the blog pop up as usual very soon… Wearing it’s beautiful new “Wildersoul.com” domain name.


(I feel very very small)

I will post some very small colouring pics to make up for it.

Happy colouring,

With love,




2 thoughts on “Wildersoul.com

  1. Thanks Jason! My son has stepped in to help sort out the mess I made… Hopefully the new domain will work by tomorrow… It could be 48 hours though. 😦
    Meantime, at least the blog is visible again! 😀
    I like what you are doing with the book promotions. Inspiring! I need the domain. I want to put Amazon colouring books for sale here, with all the colour pencils, etc. I just love stationery shops. Love to run a virtual one of my own! 🙂
    Good to hear from you, and to read other bloggers in my Reader too. I have missed the inspiration.


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