Chocolate squares

Mmm… chocolate  squares. What do these squares bring to your mind?

chocolate squares


Try googling Mondrian, Art Squares, or Colour Grid Art for a bit of inspiration.

Or break off a piece of chocolate and melt it in your mouth. Mmmm…

11 thoughts on “Chocolate squares

  1. Are you reading my mind? I was thinking of creating themed colouring books, and geometric designs are among the most popular. Hadn’t thought of the Math Professors, though. Do you know any who might enjoy a geometric colouring book?


  2. I use a program called Inkscape, which creates vector graphics, rather than bitmap images. This means that the picture is made up of closed curves, rather than lots of dots.
    To make the grid, I basically created a square and copied and pasted it. There are options to adjust the corners of the squares by different radii. So I could make them more curved or with very sharp corners. I am wondering if you might be seeing white circles in the intersections, which would be an optical illusion. I love optical illusions.
    Have you tried any graphics programs before? Inkscape is free to download, as it is open source software. Great for geometric pictures. Might be a bit of fun for you! 🙂


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