Star8 Free Colouring Picture



Yep, you’re a star. Name five reasons why! Have fun! For starters, you follow this blog! Yep, gotta be a star!star8


I’m throwing in a blank circle frame for you to colour any way you like. Do you find this easy to do? Or is it a little bit different?


Weekend blank frames 28JUL -1


Happy colouring, and take care,



7 thoughts on “Star8 Free Colouring Picture

  1. Congrats on making a start! Watercolour pencils are so lovely, but hard if the paper is not designed to be wet! All the best with your hunt for new pencils. Sometimes there are good bargains on Amazon. I try to get as cheap as possible, with as good a quality as possible, and found a small box of Faber-Castell, or Stabilo were quite good.


  2. Very nice. I started colouring last night but realised I only have watercolour pencils to colour with. I’m going to have to get myself a set of new pencils 😉


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