Spirals… It’s okay to doodle, and escape from inside the lines. Do you have a better choice of colours? I can’t decide whether it’s a calm and soothing green, maybe a bit minty, or if it a particular shade I call hospital green….


7 thoughts on “Spirals

  1. It spirals!!! I am SO glad to find these spirals here. I would have been so sad if I could not find spirals. I sit and draw spirals = pretty much on any piece of paper infont of me – actually come to think of it that is what I miss most about writing by hand instead of typing… when I would get deep in thought… I would look again and there – would be a pattern of spirals.


  2. I’m not usually one for green, either. Besides outdoors on the green grass, surrounded in green trees, and looking out over the sea-green water…. Your flourishes and curves sound beautiful! 🙂


  3. Love spirals. I always doodle in spirals or little circles – anything with a flourish and beautiful curve. I’m not keen on green usually, but I’ve been using a lot of it myself lately.


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