Circles circles and more circles. Am I going dotty?

Happy colouring,



29 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. You are endearing yourself to me, Mr Trent Lewin.
    I shall take a break and go have some breakfast, you know, because I am special…………….. although…. perhaps…. just… a… little bit dotty……? 😉


  2. You’re very welcome! It’s 5 hour’s later and I”ve not stopped all night here, it’s been crazy busy. I might not get around to leaving all those awesome comments!


  3. Thanks for your great faith in me! Better wait and see if I actually sell anything with my efforts! I’m learning on the job, taking some risks. If all goes well, I might post about it tomorrow. For now, it’s hot bath time and off to bed before Miss Lou notices I’m still hanging around online at 3am!


  4. Appreciate the tip – I’ll try to check it out over the holidays. In terms of being a hardcore business marketeer—promotions, deals, bundled sales, etc.—, that’s not my forte. I’ve had one test reader express and opinion that the word will almost self-market due to word of mouth and the inherent controversy.

    However, I would like to understand the fundamentals of e-marketing, so I’m glad you gave me the book recommendation.

    You’re in NZ, aren’t you? If I need an NZ marketing/sales rep, I know where to turn!


  5. Don’t know if this is your sort of thing, but I found the Crush It With Kindle e-book by John Tighe very helpful in getting my head around marketing a book in an online environment. Now I’m boggling my mind with Google Adwords with a bunch of little text display ads to appear on the side of Google searches!


  6. What a wonderful thought!!! A feast of comments for breakfast! Might have to wrap them in baoon and thread them on to long spaghettis like a kebab…
    (*thoughtful look*) What about wrapping them in long cooked spaghetti…


  7. Thank you. Yes, they don’t, do they? I’ve been thinking about and working at preliminary marketing for a few months. What might be my biggest advantage is the extreme controversy of the content and what I perceive is a large, untapped market awaiting such a book.


  8. That is a big consideration, about whether what we love to do will bring in enough funds to support us. I’m putting everything into learning how to sell at present. Those books just don’t sell themselves. Wish you all the best!


  9. I’ve love to write full time, but I don’t know that I could support myself doing this. Probably working government project management, if the book doesn’t do mega well. Writing as a hobby.

    But if the book does very well, full time writing for certain.


  10. lol! I really believe in supporting each other and have purchased several works from bloggers I have met through WordPress. Such amazing talent at my fingertips.. seems like such a waste to let it slide by.

    Obviously, my blogging presence is slack, I hardly ever get in here, and it’s spariodic at the best of times.. lol I thought I would do it now while I am here and remember

    It’s mighty convenient too – coming up to Xmas 🙂

    Perfect timing.

    I’ll be around for the next 12 or so hours due to pulling an all nighter at work, so probably bombard your posts with long winded comments that more than likely will make sense as I fight the tired! lol


  11. Wow. What sort of job do you have in mind? I already imagine you as a writer, what with the book, and the blogging. That’s a long history with the air force.


  12. Thank you, it is a simple piece. Hopefully soon I will have waded through paperwork to once again focus on Book Two. I got to talk to a real live American this morning.


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