Very busy guys, very busy. More simple geometric shapes are likely to follow. I am focusing a lot of time on writing, and setting up some advertising. Well I never, yes, advertising! The process of making an income online seems to follow this simple three stage plan:

  1. Platform
  2. Money-catcher
  3. Put signs up

The platform for a busker might be a piece of sidewalk with a piano parked on the corner. My platform is a blog on WordPress. Before these three steps there is a most important thing: Something you love to do. The busker might love to play piano. Me, I love to create art. Before we find our platform, we must find our desire to share. When the desire is there, the platform will appear. Keep on searching for the perfect spot for what you love to do. It will have lots of people who love to see you do it.

The money-catcher for a busker might be a hat. Or a violin case. For me it is Sellbox. I tried many ways of catching money and this one works for me!

There is a delicious fruit stall on the side of the road. As you come down the road, you see a succession of signs telling you of what scrumptious summer fruit is on offer, just a 100 metres further… It gets you salivating, and you start looking for where to pull over to the side of the road and buy that sweet watermelon, or nectarine, or juicy sweetcorn. That’s advertising. No point putting the signs up first, until the fruit is harvested, the truck is in place, and the cash register is set up ready for business.

I’m up to stage three, it’s time to put a sign up, and I’m having a look at Google Adwords.

Meantime, I mustn’t get behind with uploading my artwork a day! Simple geometrics for a while, hope that’s okay?

Happy colouring,



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