Artist’s Sketchpad: Sketch1



Sketching with a 6B solid graphite pencil. Wonder what a little colour added will do to brighten up the picture…

sketch1 bw 660


Have fun, colouring, sketching, scribbling, or making even one tiny dot on paper…

Lots of dots like raindrops, the raindrops I can hear sprinkling down on the roof, and on the cobblestones out the back.

Dancing in puddles to music which vibrates the soul.

Singing in the starlight, smiling up at the moon.

Firelight flickering to sleep, and embers warming my dreams.

Charcoal smudges my fingers, dryly whisking across unprepared page.

My eye drifts to farsighted promises of calm.

Peace settles, although my vision is disturbed with rosy capillaries.

Have a look at those rosy capillaries here.

Happy colouring!


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