earthquake2 bw 660x540px

I drew this one around the time of the first Christchurch earthquakes. I think it is healthy to draw out distressing things, let them out into the open air to breathe. Let them express themselves into the great hearty soup of creative expression we live in. Go on, draw something distressing for a change. Or if you always draw distressing, try something beautiful for a change.

It’s funny, really, this whole blog is full of all the sorts of art that I felt antsy towards in my younger years. Didn’t so much like colouring books, commercial art, graphic design, illustration, computers, and now I have perhaps exhausted the range of things I didn’t “like.” It has been very interesting, and I reckon, FUN! Who would’ve guessed!

Now I am starting to have strong urges to paint, to sculpt, to take amazing and unusual photographs, make movies, yell in the street, swing around lampposts while singing punk at the top of my voice… no maybe not, and make music, somehow… perhaps on a didjeridu… or a sweet low tune on an ocarina… All the things I would love, things that I always would love, or dream of in an innocent childlike way. I can feel the galloping horse beneath me and its mane whipping my face as we head towards a fiery sunset that opens to let us in.

earthquake2 col frame 660


Would you look at that! If you scroll quickly up and down, it looks like the woolly white sponge is swimming with its lightray arms and legs!

This one is for those with colour printers at home, you know who you are. If you want to have a colourful frame to draw your own picture inside, then please go ahead and print it out. Let me know how it turns out, ‘cos I don’t have a colour printer at home to test it out on!

Or if you can pull the picture into your own graphics program, then you could put anything you like in there really! A selfie, the family pet saying cheese for the camera, a single bloom…

Happy colouring!


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