Circles: #4 Skull

Enjoy an intricate design for a change! Would you believe it took about four hours to get out of my skull, and on to the blog. Hand-drawn, because it was just toooo hard to draw it up on the computer. Now I am off to get some exercise, and enjoy something salty to eat with my lemon and tonic.

Happy colouring!
~WilderSoul the Free… that is, gluten-free.

circle4 skull (2)


18 thoughts on “Circles: #4 Skull

  1. It’s beautiful but in my current state of mind I see a trapped bird who can’t escape and has to watch everyone else fly away. That says more about me. Your work is always stunning and I am sorry if I have put a negative spin on it. I hope you understand that I am just a misery guts who cant see things as they are intended right now.


      1. It is fascinating how we can each see something different in these patterns. Ever since I was a child I always discovered faces, creatures, even whole tableaus in the patterns of clouds, in the weave of curtains and carpets, in the play of light and shadow on walls and floors ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Wow – you have triggered my imagination! I will have to look at the woodgrain through the camera lense and see what I can see in it… perhaps a pattern will emerge…!


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