Sunday fun and games: An art group?

Sunday has become a day to get out and about and meet other creative types around the city. After setting up a mysterious meeting with someone I thought was a man… (Yes I was a bit nervous…) it turned out to be a lovely lady by the name, actually the codename, ‘Rose.’ Rose wore a rose brooch, so I recognized her as soon as I saw her arrive, and we had a bit of a laugh when the misunderstanding was sorted out with the seemingly male name on Rose’s emails. All perfectly innocent, of course. It was a friend’s email. Who also happened to be a lady.

The added layer of humour to the whole mysterious meeting, was that I still had Trenton Babbage’s story in my head, about the man with the yellow rose in his hat. I had to keep pushing the ending out of my thoughts when meeting the lady with the rose brooch!

So, once we had got settled in cosy at the table nearest the back of the café, the fun and games began. We ditched the serious figure drawing idea, and I folded up some paper to start a communal picture…

Here’s the result of our figure drawing! I highly recommend playing this game for a laugh with friends. Each of us drew one quarter of the figure… Cracked me up!


Then we needed something to follow this up, so I started a scribble. We passed around the scribble, and each of us added something to the picture.

Here’s what happened:


After this Rose showed us a writing game called ‘Consequences’ which perhaps some of you know how to play already. We each started a story on a fresh piece of paper. So, that’s four pieces of paper going around the café table.

I’ll see if I can remember the rules – fill me in if I have got it wrong.

First, think of a man’s name, and it should be a name commonly known to the people in the group. Actually it would be funny if you used the names of people in the group. We used famous people’s names since we didn’t know each other all that well, yet. Write the name on the paper, and fold it out of sight. Then pass your piece of paper on to the next person.

Next write a woman’s name. Fold it and pass it on.

In the story at the end, the man meets the woman. Or boy meets girl, whatever.

Yes I know, this sounds like kids’ stuff, and that’s what makes it fun, and relaxing.

Now what happened next… Oh, yes, the woman says something. So each of us write, She said, “________,” and come up with something off the top of our head. Then  pass it on, and write, He said, “_____________.”

Lastly, we had to come up with something that happened, as a result of their meeting! This could be related to what they said, or it might the man replying to the woman, or something completely unrelated.

Here are our four stories. It looks much shorter typed up.

1. John Key and Taylor Swift met at a concert. She said, “I really like your massive shoes.” He said, “It doesn’t prove anything!!” She took offence to this answer and pulled a handgun from her purse. “You dare to threaten me,” he roared, and a fight broke out. It ended with both of them dead and five others in jail because they joined in throwing things and yelling and engaging in disorderly conduct. The end.

2. King Henry the Eighth met Rihanna. They met at a bar in London. She said, “How are you?” He said, “Why, thank you, I’ve spent years trying to be this good-looking.” He smiled, and she left abruptly; Her mission was complete, and the President would have to deal with the consequences.

3. Justin Bieber met Miley Cyrus. They met at the Tauranga Police Station. She said, “I got the photos.” He replied, “What!? You must be mistaken!” Suddenly, the building exploded.

4. President Obama met Miley Cyrus. They met at the CIA headquarters. She said to him, “I suspect you of a horrible crime.” He said, “I’m good.” They decided to go to MacDonalds and spend all their money ‘cos the end of the world was going to happen.

Cracked me up, but maybe you had to be there!

It was a fun way to get to know new people in a totally non-threatening situation. I recommend it for some laughs with complete strangers. Colouring in over a cuppa tea is an interesting ice-breaker for meeting new people too.

If you’re in the Tauranga area, drop us a comment or an email if you’d like to meet for something a little bit creative, and totally not serious. The only cost is a cuppa coffee or something to nibble from the café. And don’t worry, I always ask if it’s okay to share photos, and whether you want your name printed. I don’t give out your email addresses to anyone else without your permission.

Thanks Rose for joining us!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


13 thoughts on “Sunday fun and games: An art group?

  1. A plug-in pen makes things a bit easier. Would you like join me as I do an awful drawing too? I have a usb mouse too… it would be funny I think 🙂 What do you reckon? 8)


  2. No, I haven’t. I don’t have a tablet but I really want one. I used to be able to draw quite well with my laptop touch mouse but it broke and I have to use a usb mouse now so my drawing looks awful!


  3. Hee hee – yes it was so funny. That would be harder, making it up yourself, although still with room for a giggle. 🙂 We might be able to set something up so it can also be done online. Have you ever tried


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