Circles: #2 Complete Thought, with colouring pic

circle2 (2)

Photograph and design © Copyright 2013 Wildersoul, Anasera Trifonoff

Complete Thought

A seed in the hand of opportunity

Waits for the right conditions

To grow




Set roots down


into trickling streams underground

Stabilize fruit-laden branches

that sway

at Springtime’s breathy touch

-~>~~*`…ᴤᴥᴤ …*ᴖᴗᴖ* …ᴤᴥᴤ…`*~~<~-

All right…

So this is the format I would like to keep for my colouring book, Stage Three.

One preview of a black and white colouring picture,

and one photograph with the colouring picture overlaid in some way.

Then the paintings

They can sprout into life secretly behind the scenes.

-~>~~*`…ᴤᴥᴤ …*ᴖᴗᴖ* …ᴤᴥᴤ…`*~~<~-

I have found a New Zealand print on demand outlet

in Christchurch!

It’s called

They have a Jam Jar full of goodies

like photo books

-~>~~*`…ᴤᴥᴤ …*ᴖᴗᴖ* …ᴤᴥᴤ…`*~~<~-

I’m going to zoom off and create a page of stuff I want to achieve over the next six months.

(or so)

Not to bind me to them –

to keep them in mind, so I don’t forget!

-~>~~*`…ᴤᴥᴤ …*ᴖᴗᴖ* …ᴤᴥᴤ…`*~~<~-

As always,

Happy Colouring!


12 thoughts on “Circles: #2 Complete Thought, with colouring pic

  1. You are very welcome.
    Yes, simple=less stressful.

    Tired brain=wrong blog link, embarrassed giggles,
    and a red face.
    Don’t have a tired brain. 😉


  2. I’ve got the right link now. I like that blog too btw.
    But thank you for letting me know and well…
    sorry for having to let me know. I apologize.

    I can cross off art work (trust me),
    video production, and proper link posting
    (that bit me on my butt before, remember?)
    from the Talents and Attributes List a la’ CeeLee.

    At least we’re narrowing down the all the potentials lol I see that as a good thing. 😉


  3. Ooh… CeeLee, I think you might have got the link mixed up. Try taking the 3 off the end, for the colouring book. I have a post on Sexual Assault Survivors on my other blog! (chuckle)
    And hey… everyone has a talent of some sort, and I haven’t even seen your drawing yet. Your writing is really good though. Better than mine! 🙂


  4. That’s very sweet. I really enjoyed the time management tips, they are really simple and easy to follow. My brain gets tired and making things simple makes life much less stressful. Thanks for the nomination, and congratulations on yours! 🙂


  5. Having ADHD/ADD is never a requisite for my blog
    Everyone is welcome there. :),

    Time management isn’t a skill that only ADD/ADHDers
    struggle with. I know a lot of ‘Norms’ who have difficulty too ( I happen to reside with one )

    I’m always a fan of the art work, even if I wish I had a smidge of your talent. Oh yeah one more thing…

    I’ve nominated your blog for the Liebster Award
    because I think it’s awesome.

    It’s up to you whether to accept or demure.
    Please go to my latest post:
    for all the info. 🙂


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