Wildersoul Circles: #2 A very rough ‘sketch’



This is a very roughly put-together initial ‘sketch’ of an idea…

The design itself is called, “Complete Thought,” and has a lot more curvy bits instead of sharp corners everywhere. I am going with the idea of photographs mixed with designs that are drawn up in Inkscape. (Inkscape is a cool, free, open source piece of software for creating and editing vector graphic images. The cool thing about vector graphics is that they are scalable without losing quality. They look just as good as a large poster as they do as a tiny icon, or filling a computer screen.) It seems to take up less time and resources than painting! I am going to take my painting to a café and see if it might sell…

I am quite interested in what Snapfish.co.nz (and Snapfish.com etc) have to offer in the way of printing on all sorts of different things. Like T-shirts, or coffee mugs, keyrings, canvas, framed canvas, calendars and all sorts of stuff. Do you think people might buy a cushion or a polar fleece blanket with a Wildersoul Circle printed on it? They even do pillow cases!

This one might need a poem to go with it….

6 thoughts on “Wildersoul Circles: #2 A very rough ‘sketch’

  1. Really great idea! I don’t know how I got here but, I tend to meander around the internet and usually I wind up somewhere very clever – like yours! Thanks, Nan 🙂


  2. This is amazing! I was thinking, “Is that some sort of natural object?” I think you will definitely find an audience for this idea. I also appreciate the way you shared about inkscape and printing on objects with Snapfish! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.


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