Dear peoples, this is the first of my Wildersoul Circles. They are a cross between mandala, knots, geometric repeat patterns, Celtic and Maori design, and nature. I have a series of them designed roughly in my sketchpad. I want to make a special book full of these circles. What do you think? Is it a the sort of thing you would like to buy?

wildersoul knot

Here’s the photo I took, for the preview background. I am keen to add a bit of colour to the front page of the blog. It’s a fresh, cool Spring morning at the waterfront. Very peaceful.

Strand Yachts

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

14 thoughts on “Circles

  1. The results are happening fast – would you like to have a look at the work-in-progress?

    Not sure if it’s the sort of thing you had in mind… it’s my first attempt at painting these new ‘Circles’ I have designed!

    Love to hear what you think! I am thinking it would be quicker to take the digital version with a photo background up to the printshop and get them to print it on canvas! 😉


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  3. One of my friends did it, although I don’t think it was overseas. But I’m sure it can be done easily enough. Now that would be a talking piece on my wall. Look forward to seeing the results. :)x


  4. Hehe… I haven’t tried packaging and posting any artworks ever… It has usually been handed over in person for cash! It’s a whole new world selling art over the internet!
    Perhaps if the paintings come out well, and you like them, and want them for your wall… then I could try delivering them overseas for the first time! 🙂
    How exciting!


  5. I intend to paint a set of twelve on canvas, to be hung in sets of three, possibly with three large ones, each under a set of three small ones. Seems I can design 12 new ones in a week. I don’t know how long they will take to paint, or how they will turn out! Perhaps I could keep the colouring pics free, and sell a colourful e-book, and the framed paintings! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! (Triple image = “triptych”)


  6. This sort of image appeals strongly to my eye. I would look at a book of these. But more, I think I would be inclined to buy this as a framed image to hang on a wall where I could see it. Perhaps even a series like the triple image pictures one sees. Can’t remember what they’re called. I like any of the celtic patterns. They are so ornate and yet speak quite simply. Your amalgamation of types is lovely.x


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