Dear peoples, this is the first of my Wildersoul Circles. They are a cross between mandala, knots, geometric repeat patterns, Celtic and Maori design, and nature. I have a series of them designed roughly in my sketchpad. I want to make a special book full of these circles. What do you think? Is it a the sort of thing you would like to buy?

wildersoul knot

Here’s the photo I took, for the preview background. I am keen to add a bit of colour to the front page of the blog. It’s a fresh, cool Spring morning at the waterfront. Very peaceful.

Strand Yachts

Every artist was first an amateur.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


14 thoughts on “Circles

  1. This sort of image appeals strongly to my eye. I would look at a book of these. But more, I think I would be inclined to buy this as a framed image to hang on a wall where I could see it. Perhaps even a series like the triple image pictures one sees. Can’t remember what they’re called. I like any of the celtic patterns. They are so ornate and yet speak quite simply. Your amalgamation of types is lovely.x


    1. I intend to paint a set of twelve on canvas, to be hung in sets of three, possibly with three large ones, each under a set of three small ones. Seems I can design 12 new ones in a week. I don’t know how long they will take to paint, or how they will turn out! Perhaps I could keep the colouring pics free, and sell a colourful e-book, and the framed paintings! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! (Triple image = “triptych”)


      1. Hehe… I haven’t tried packaging and posting any artworks ever… It has usually been handed over in person for cash! It’s a whole new world selling art over the internet!
        Perhaps if the paintings come out well, and you like them, and want them for your wall… then I could try delivering them overseas for the first time! 🙂
        How exciting!


      2. One of my friends did it, although I don’t think it was overseas. But I’m sure it can be done easily enough. Now that would be a talking piece on my wall. Look forward to seeing the results. :)x


      3. The results are happening fast – would you like to have a look at the work-in-progress?

        Not sure if it’s the sort of thing you had in mind… it’s my first attempt at painting these new ‘Circles’ I have designed!

        Love to hear what you think! I am thinking it would be quicker to take the digital version with a photo background up to the printshop and get them to print it on canvas! 😉


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