It all started with a blank frame. By the way, what sort of jellybeans are your favourite?


Then a wave of inspiration.. hehe.. not really. Just try scribbling until something comes up…


Look what came up for me – Jellybeans! Which is funny, because over the weekend I thought of sending jellybeans to people who order colouring books directly from me here in New Zealand. Yeah… I thought of packaging up jellybeans with colouring books I print here at home, lovingly fold, staple, trim, and send out by good old-fashioned snail mail. (No, no, not folded, stapled and trimmed jellybeans!)


Perhaps subconsciously… this is a picture of jellybeans making their way overseas!

My favourite is black jellybeans. Always has bean! Er.. I mean, been!  What’s yours?

Happy colouring!


PS.. why is this Art for Healing? Because it is still having a beneficial effect on my life. For some, colouring may help, and for others it may be music, or poetry, or dance. Add a little colour to your life, a little of anything creative… or a lot!


Speaking of jellybeans… look what I found!


2 thoughts on “Jellybeans

  1. So funny! My tongue cringes at the thought of tangy ones! I didn’t know that sweets were good to have around for an emergency stash. I thought apples and raisins were the thing? (She says, stashing some black jellybeans in a pocket…)


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