Words… and blogs… do matter…

What a wonderful way to look at online friendships!

Pouring My Art Out

Or: Talking is so yesterday…

I did a post the other day about loneliness. And I received a lot of comments from you all that really got me to thinking about why we do what we do in this strange world of words and images. I have often said that I have the best commenters on WordPress. If you go down and read the comments on that post about loneliness you will see exactly what I mean.

And as I was answering those comments and thinking about those comments, I has one of those ‘ah ha’ moments. Those moments where something so simple that it might actually be a universal truth suddenly rises up and presents itself to you. A thing so simple and ordinary that we might have never really bothered to examine it closely before.

I have done lots of posts about how we are all here trying to connect…

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7 thoughts on “Words… and blogs… do matter…

  1. Hey Anasera,
    I am so glad you are here even if we still have at least one different opinion “between” us. But maybe we can have a google hangout about it some day and I am sure we will find our way to get well along with each other, I mean we are both artists of different kinds but share a bit of the same spirit I guess 😉
    Have a great Sunday,


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