She saw the Minotaur

She saw the Minotaur photo

Okay, the above picture is the photo of the original sketch. I think that the poem this morning, and the read aloud video got me loosened up for drawing. (The poem, “I saw the Minotaur” is at Wildersoul Create~Express, where I put my personal writing and poetry and odds and ends.) I used a cool solid graphite pencil 8B.

She saw the Minotaur lt-erase

This second picture has had the light erased, in Inkscape. It gets rid of the yellowishness that comes from incandescent lights.

She saw the Minotaur pencil

This effect is cool I reckon. It’s called Pencil! And anyway, it is probably the best one to use if you would like to print it out and colour it in. I don’t know why I like the spiral binding… Do you?

She saw the Minotaur lt-erase-neg

This was an accidental discovery, and I ended up liking it more than the others. It’s an effect called Negative Light Erase. It reminds me of old blueprint plans. I can almost smell it, fresh off the copier.

She saw the Minotaur etch

This blue one has an Etching filter applied to it. It reminds me of lithography. I always wanted to try lithography, and thought it was about carving into stone somewhere along the line, and then taking a print.

She saw the Minotaur dots

This last one has a Dots transparency filter applied, and I thought it softened the look of the portrait, which I like. Which is your favourite effect?

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