Creative Community Ideas

Time for another cuppa and a chat!  Let’s pick up ideas here, and run with them, or drop off your own ideas to share with others. Let’s get talking!

♥ What about this one – how do you wash your clothes while participating in the arts? The Laundromat Art Project combines both by setting up creative community projects at coin-operated laundromats in Greater New York City. What a cool idea.

How can we take this idea and run with it in our own neighbourhood? Where could a book launch be held? An art group, or an art gallery? A dance gathering? A colouring group? A music jam.. well, music jams are often found in pubs, and art is often found exhibited in cafés… Are there some other ideas that could be thrown in here?

Vieveandlynsker has new plans hatching for an at-home art business, specializing in hand-made creations. We are both researching online sales and marketing, so I am looking forward to seeing what we all come up! Go Vieve!

♥ What are some ways available to promote creative work online? I love wePoets, the interactive community that showcases all forms of creative expression. Recently found @Artist_Chat on Twitter when looking for a place to chat with a group of other artists, and found it is actually a tremendous force for publicity, if you are willing to take part in an interview at 10.30am (EST) on Saturdays. It is quite new, and growing very fast!

♥ What do you know about free local advertising for group meetups?  You know, for real face-to-face community! I’m looking into Do you know of any others?

I’ll keep this posted in the top menu for a while to gather ideas… you can find it again under “Time for a Chat.”

drink 2

Creative Community Ideas ~ Time for a Chat

Edit: Thurs 3 October…  Tauranga Colour n' Coffee Meetup for Colour n’ Coffee!

Edit: Sun 6 October… I cancelled that Meetup – Join up at this new page, whether you can meet or not, to share community meetup ideas for Healthy Creative Minds. Visit the Meetup page – and click on the “About us…” link for more info. Any of these ideas could be used in your own local community!
Tauranga Healthy Creative Minds Meetup

21 thoughts on “Creative Community Ideas

  1. Well, all of us tromp sometimes… a little tromping is not the end of the world. 🙂 I don’t find you trying at all, by the way… 😉 (I mean that in the nicest possible way. )


  2. It was fantastic; toe-wronger if I remember rightly? I was there to meet a Dambuster pilot and some Battle of Britain pilots; I met a forger called Eric Edmunds who said they used to hide stuff in the top of doors; drill a hole, role up papers and put them in the hole. It has a definite refuge feel about it.


  3. So… you know where I am… it is as I feared, I may have to change my identity and move town… (pulls up coat collar, gives shifty look left and right..)
    How did you pronounce it in the end? Toe-Wronger, Toe-Runger, or Tow-Wronger as in How-Wronger?
    I’m glad you found it a beautiful place with beautiful people! It has been a bit of a refuge for me.


  4. I see you’re meeting up in Tauranga…that’s pretty weird…the one and only time I went to NZ for my three and a half days was in Tauranga…it took seven attempts to pronounce it correctly; it’s a beautiful place with beautiful people.


  5. What a cool idea. If we were nearby, I’d meet up face-to-face. You seem like a cool person. I wish you lots of luck. I like wePoets, too. Hugs, Brenda


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