Can I have your money, please?

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67 thoughts on “Can I have your money, please?

  1. Just so long as there’s no rush! I don’t know that I’ll have time tonight, and my laptop isn’t actually mine, it’s my father-in-law’s so I must make sure he hasn’t got it before I can cancel the trial…I might try it on a work computer…bear with……


  2. There is no rush, and I am so curious as to what you what you will discover and whether you like the experience of a Kindle Blog subscription.
    I so much think your humour would have an audience and be appreciated, and wouldn’t it be nice to have people ‘buy’ your blog like they would pick up a newspaper from the news-stand. Or corner dairy, here in NZ.


  3. The whole thing is unavailable to me. I could still create a Kindle blog I suppose… I will have to check. Yes, just download the Kindle Cloud Reader, and you will be able to download any Kindle e-book, or blog, or newspaper etc, and read it on your computer browser. And yes, sign up for the free trial, and remember to cancel it before the 14 days is up, so you don’t get automatically charged for a subscription. Unless you like it of course! πŸ™‚ I would love to know what you think. I heard of one blog having 5 million unique readers. That adds up to a lot at 0.99/month.


  4. I have overstepped the bounds of our friendship and imposed upon you, haven’t I.
    I’m sorry, let’s go back to the orchestra, and the middle of the road… πŸ™‚


  5. I am frustrated. I wanted to check out a Kindle Blog, for a free trial of 14 days, on my Kindle Cloud Reader. And it says that it is not available to people in the Asia/Pacific region, which means I can’t check it out. So I was hoping you might check it out for me… is that rude?


  6. Neither do I. I have one of those free Kindle Cloud Readers installed on my laptop. So I can read Kindle e-books etc. I’m about to download some 14-day free trial Kindle Blogs to see what it’s all like. I reckon between you and Uncle Arthur, the spot for No. 1 bestseller Humor/Satire Kindle blog will soon be taken by storm!


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